i fell down

graceful as always, i tripped and ate it uber hard jogging the other day.

sorry, not a very appetizing picture.

my left shin is now oozy, crusty, swollen, and multi-color. i feel so beautiful.

went to big O’s after and she gave me hydrogen peroxide to disinfect.

me: is it gonna hurt?
O: i dont think so.

pssh. of course i didnt believe her.  with a baby q-tip, i dabbed some of the solution on the raw skin eeeeever so gently. tiny little bubbles began to form. then O heard from outside her bathroom…


i mean, ouch.

mom: 怎麼有人可以在平地自己跌倒摔成這樣??!
i still ran for 40 minutes after the injury, and then went and got myself these babies afterward.

just a little reminder for why the hell i’m doing all this

so, guess what cement , I WIN.




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