parks & rec = best show ever!!!

i just finished season 5 and parks & rec is now one of my favoritest everest tv shows! which is totally surprising because… well there’s no crazy plot twists, no badass anti-heroes, no perfectly carried out murders, no exploring the dark side of humanity… and no bald high school chemistry teacher turned gangster drug lord. WHAAAAT?!!

on the contrary, the entire show is so positive and encouraging and uplifting and heart warming and just all around wholesome! and there’s such good character development that you can’t help but fall in love with every single one of these quirky characters. (well except ann. ann’s pretty bland. and maybe ben. ben’s boring. the writers should really kill off those two soon. oh wait, sorry, this is not game of thrones.) i also love how the shows is not just about stupid merry-go-round romances (ahem, himym), but ordinary and every-day circumstances that normal people can relate to.

and of course, it is clever and HILARIOUS. i watch most tv shows/movies alone, so i usually just make little throaty noises when something funny happens. but parks & rec makes me laugh out loud all the time. (disclaimer: season 1 puts me to sleep. it gets good from season 2 and on.)

however, the point of this entry is not really about the show itself. rather, it’s to announce to the world…

(((drum rolls)))


i think i’ve found my soul mate.


everyone, meet ron swanson.

Ron Swanson Nick Offerman Birthday

allow me to elaborate.

first of all, GUY.CAN.EAT.

18 Of The Best Ron Swanson Quotes

especially breakfast food.



btw, his body tolerates zero fruits and vegetables.



we share similar philosophy on alcohol consumption.

Ron Swanson GIFs Memes Nick Offerman Birthday



and he knows how to have a good time.

Ron Swanson GIFs Memes Nick Offerman Birthday

Ron Swanson GIFs Memes Nick Offerman Birthday

he’s confident.


and values honesty,


and autonomy.

he’s also great with kids,


and handy around the house.

he enjoys sex, like any hot blooded human being should.

(this is his morning-after-sex-dance)1367413922

he puts up with no nonsense,

1367413922but secretly loves fuzzy animals.

he’s eloquent.

and he created THIS.

few of my favorites.
– ATTIRE: shorts over 6″ are capri pants. shorts under 6″ are european.
– B.O.: cultivating a manly musk puts your opponents are notice.
– CRYING: acceptable at funerals and the grand canyon.
– POISE: sting like a bee. do not float like a butterfly. that’s ridiculous.

he’s able to hold things in,

and yet not afraid to show true emotions.

like me, he doesnt like people sometimes.


and we literally use the same sentences!

Ron Swanson GIFs Memes Nick Offerman Birthday

he’s also secretly a jazz musician, aka duke silver.

he’s strong even when he’s weak.

and when he eats an ice cream cone, it gets all up in them ‘stache. yum.


what can i say, he’s just manly as hell.



Ron Swanson!! BAHAHAHA!




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