a parable to nowhere

young milo has a puppy dog named piper. piper is milo’s best friend in the world. they do everything together.

now piper is a naughty little puppy. she pees and poops all over the carpet, chews up milo’s toys, and tears his basketball jerseys to shreds. but piper is also so fuzzy and cuddly and fun! she keeps milo company when he’s lonely, and he feels warm and loved whenever piper lick-lick-licks his face.

one day, milo gets very angry because piper destroys his new pair of running shoes again. he storms out on his bicycle, and accidentally runs over little piper. he panics and rushes piper to the hospital. milo pleads and pleads for the doctors to save her life, but piper suffers in the hospital for 5 days, and dies.

milo is devastated, guilt-ridden, and overwhelmed with a paralyzing sense of loss.

a few months later, milo’s friend brings him a new puppy named bobbi-jo, who looks just like old piper. milo spends a few days with bobbi-jo and realizes how much he misses piper. milo really really wants to keep bobbi-jo, but then he remembers how nice it is not to have a puppy that ruins all his favorite things. milo is sad, and he just doesnt know what to do.

finally, milo decides he should let someone else take care of bobbi-jo. someone who’s better at it than he is. plus, if he doesnt keep bobbi-jo, he will never run the risk of hurting the puppy, like he once hurt old piper. full of sorrow, milo gives bobbi-jo back to his friend, and asks him to find her a more suitable owner who can truly make bobbi-jo happy.

the end.






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