玛莎老师说,把积累的被动词汇 (passive vocabs) 变成积极词汇 (active vocabs) 最有效的方法就是写作。听到超开心哒! 以后写 blog 就不会有在混时间的罪恶感啦! (但忘了问老师可不可以一边写一边听 amy winehouse 哩…)

i got a locker! it’s like back in high school!! :DIMG_0667

刚刚才听说学校有置物柜 (不过超少的,总共大概只有 20 格吧哈哈)! 马上冲去买了锁,占了一个柜子。之前从家里出发去跑步,每次还没到海边就累了。学校离海边不到五分钟,现在可以把书包放柜子里,从学校直接跑过去啦!

77°f in february. global warming rules.IMG_0679

wild calla lilies by the beach!IMG_0673

the marina.IMG_0684

a chill tree and the fishermans wharf in the back.IMG_0693

I can’t say I enjoy this self-inflicting torture in exchange for vanity, but the ocean sure makes it a lot more tolerable! :)

(ironically, the podcast i was listening to while running mentioned a new study that found that running more than 4 hours a week is just as bad as not exercising at all! not that i come anywhere close to jogging 4 hours of a week, but i think this piece of information will definitely help to relieve some guilt the next time i choose to lie in bed and binge watch netflix instead of running. yay science!)



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