romans 8:28

“all shall work together for good; everything is needful that He sends; nothing can be needful that He withholds. be content to bear the cross; others have borne it before you. you have need of patience; and if you ask, the Lord will give it; but there can be no settled peace till our will is in a measure subdued… when you cannot see your way, be satisfied that He is your leader. when your spirit is overwhelmed within you, He knows your path; He will not leave you to sink. He has appointed seasons of refreshment, and you shall find He does not forget you. above all, keep close to the throne of grace. if we seem to get no good by attempting to draw near Him we may be sure we shall get none by keeping away from Him."

– john newton

everything sounds more profound when said in old-timey english.

it’s easter, bitches!



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